Ebonyu Transformation Farm Enterprise (ETFE) is a progressive agroecology farm, which was set up in July 2018. Located in Kalaki, Kaberamaido District, Eastern Uganda. ETFE aims at applying organic integrated farming methods including soil fertility conservation, mixed water harvesting techniques and developing a variety of local knowledges including insight to ecosystems and biodiversity. The farm intends to produce the highest quality sustainable and nutritious foods. ETFE operates as a business with social impact as well as achieving direct engagement with at least seven SDGs (sustainable development goals). Read more: Executive summary

Local Honey

Beehives – local honey, pollination, insect diversity, links to Fairtrade

Orange Orchard

Other crops and much, much more engaging with ecosystem services


Piggery – livestock, valuable waste, recycling, biosecurity

Local Chicken

Free range and hardy chickens for pest-control. Local indigenous hens producing excellent, tasty eggs

Passionfruit garden

Passion fruit – heavy fruiting, organic juice, manure and composting

Crops and ecosystem services

Crops and ecosystem services – diversity for the soil, ecology and variety of output


Agroecology brings together scientific thinking and indigenous knowledge as well as up-to-date management systems to enhance food security, biodiversity, resource conservation and livelihoods. Agroecology works in diversity and complexity of farming systems, maintaining local and saved seeds and local livestock, improving soil fertility and water retention and recycling nutrients and energy on the farm rather than relying on external inputs. It prioritizes access to land, good food and work. It aims to be both productive and sustainable. Agroecology is therefore a practical and transformative collaboration between science, local farmers and social movements