Piggery – livestock, valuable waste, recycling, biosecurity

About the Campaign

 I.       Livestock – meat – with growing demand throughout Uganda
II.       Large Black Hog or African local. Origins for the black colour of the breed are black Guinea hogs imported from Africa (similar to the Guinea Hog of the US). Reintroduced to Uganda during colonial times.
III.       Waste value – pig dung for urea/manure/compost;
IV.       Water-harvesting: collection from roof for the supply in the wallow area, plus for irrigating crops nearby.
V.       Recycling, e.g. maggots (feed chickens);
VI.       Earthworms and pesticide (repairs disease, nematode and dry patch damage) from vermi-liquid (worm juice): the microbial activity improves soil friability and percolation rates;
VII.       Biogas digesters for methane used potentially instead as one Renewable energy source replacing firewood or charcoal. Potential for re-sale.
VIII.       Biosecurity methods – for the health and safety of the pigs.